who we are

Gençsen Etlik Tennis Club Association is an Ankara-based association working in the fields of youth and sports. Established in 2015, our association has since its establishment been working to help young people grow up in social life as individuals who are healthy, actively interested in sports, integrated with their age, and can stand on their own feet. For these purposes, many projects have been carried out by our association, our young people have carried out various activities abroad through these projects, and local activities have been carried out with young people from abroad too.
The managerial staff of Gençsen Etlik Tennis Club Association is comprised of 6 people and they actively continue their activities. Also, it has an educational staff comprising of 5 professional coaches and 5 assistant coaches. In addition, many young people, both from Turkey and abroad, work as volunteers and organize activities.


Our Vision

Gençsen aims to raise young people as social and healthy individuals who play sports and stand on their own feet as individuals integrated with their age. The Club also focus to provide qualified sports opportunities and reliable, innovative tennis education which will ensure continuity in tennis sport. We also aim to be an example for the clubs working in the field of tennis, to increase the popularity among young people, raise professional players, and to provide sports opportunities for senior players. In this regard, our club has become an accessible modern tennis club in the schools.

In a sense, we may clearly say that our club holds the key role to create a love of living together where a peaceful way will be enhanced, prejudices among youth will be eliminated, and sportive activities will be used as a tool to increase the society’s welfare.


Our Mission

Social cohesion projects through sports have been carried out by our club to include all refugees, mostly from Syria, in our country. Our Club has contributed to the development of the sport in its region. Also,  Gençsen supported the effort to increase young people's welfare by improving their access to sports activities. A core goal of Gençsen has been to ensure the spread of sports in the society, in particular by challenging the common misperception of tennis as "the sport of the rich".

Annotation: Our club carries out activities simultaneously and integrated to provide a versatile contribution for all beneficiaries.

Our Targets

  • To make it easy to access the sport by supporting the spread of sports to the lowest/base segment of society,

  • To prepare sportspersons for tournaments, to contribute to their development of professional sports careers,

  • To support the enhancement of sports culture awareness,

  • To provide an environment where the individual can meet their own needs for achievement,

  • To create a team spirit to help strengthen the sense of unity/esprit de corps,

  • Contributing to the psychological development of individuals through sports (development of confidence/self-confidence, sense of unity & solidarity, social and mental development, mutual understanding, etc.).

As Gençsen - Etlik Tennis Club, we are working in an integrated manner with all our young people. Due to the increasing importance of the refugee crisis in our country, we directed our young people to work on the issue of refugee youth and we support the activities of other clubs in this field. We are working with the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Youth and Sport and making studies on refugees' social cohesion by ensuring that our European Solidarity Corps project volunteers, whose coordination has been carried out by us, are included in these activities, we accelerate and facilitate social adaptation efforts.